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10 Qualities That Make a Female a ‘10’

We hear guys judging females all the time by numbers… “She’s a 10” or “Dang, she’s not even a 5” (that’s BAD! Lol). But lately, I've been curious… what exactly makes a female a 10? I asked this over Twitter and many considered it only a physical thing, but in my book it goes deeper. Yes, when a 10 walks in to a room, everyone notices… but it’s not just for her looks, it’s her presence and self-assurance as well. When you meet a ‘10’ you only THINK she’s a 10 based on how she looks, but give it 6 months or so, then tell me if she’s still a '10' or not. It takes more than the physical for a female to live up to that because we all know looks only get you SO far in life. Below are what 10 things I think a female needs to really be considered a TEN.

Physically attractive WITH upkeep – sorry but it isn't enough to just be an attractive female, you have to keep up with yourself too. If you pulled a guy because you had a tight body, hair was done, toes had a fresh pedicure… etc. then that needs to be kept up! There is nothing worse than a “weekend girl”. Gets all done up for the weekend to go out but catch her during the week WITHOUT the makeup, weave and all her goods out and she is straight TRASH. You don’t have to always walk out of the house glammed up but you have to have enough natural beauty that doesn’t require all the fake things to make you attractive.

Inside beauty to match the outer – there is nothing worse than an attractive female that knows she’s attractive AND has to run around telling everyone too. If you’re pretty or have a banging body, everyone can see that, let them notice! Looks will only get you so far and having a nasty attitude doesn't help one bit. A 10 is not only beautiful on the outside, but has a beautiful presence as well. People want to be around her because she’s positive, humble and down to earth. Without a positive attitude you will never be a complete package!

Not afraid to show her intelligence – a '10' is able to show the world how smart and well versed she is and she can carry on a conversation with just about ANYONE! She isn't the girl that only knows about what's going on with the latest Hollywood celeb drama or who's sleeping with who in the office. She's concerned with knowing things like politics, sports, stocks and bonds and traveling too.

She’s a ‘ride or die’ chic – now, when I say ‘ride or die’ I definitely don’t mean a female that will stick by you as you repeatedly get locked up or who will let you sit around with no job and free load off of her. Those aren’t ‘ride or dies’, they are dumb chics who need to realize their self-worth. When I speak of a ride or die chic, I generally mean someone who is loyal. Whether it be to their friends, or to their man – they are always there for them for support, assistance, or just an ear to listen to when you need them.

Lady in the streets, freak in the sheets – be a LADY at all times. There should be no reason you are running around cussing your man out in public, showing everything to everyone or known by EVERYONE and not in a good light. The quiet, chill girl ALWAYS gets hit on… notice that? It’s because she doesn’t have to constantly be seen and heard. In the same instance, when it comes down to it you gotta be a freak for your man. I didn’t say HOE, I said FREAK. Big difference. A 10 knows when the appropriate times are to be both a lady and a freak.

She’s eye candy – there are a few insecure guys that would beg to differ with this because they don’t want their girl getting all the attention… but the majority will agree that it’s nice to have a woman that’s easy on the eyes and has sex appeal. She’s someone that everyone can look at but no one can have. Not the chic that when people ask about her looks they always have to say “Well, she’s got a great personality". 

She’s aggressive – let me say this again, AGGRESSIVE (not desperate). When it comes to men, she's not afraid to express herself, but she's not throwing herself all over ANYONE. And when it comes to life and, she's a true go getter! She goes out there and gets what she wants but not in a demeaning way. There are limits to everything and there are some things you just shouldn't do, no matter what the outcome will be. Remember: fearless and ambitious, not abrasive and needy!

Has a POSITIVE attitude – part of being down to earth is keeping your nasty and negative comments to yourself and remain open to things. Everyone isn’t always going to be like you… and being open minded and POSITIVE while doing so gives you the ability to learn new things and be well rounded. If the girl can't cook or doesn't enjoy sports -- she's at least willing to TRY. Trying is half the battle in life.

Has her own – a female who fits in the 10 category most definitely has or is working towards her OWN (job, car, house, etc). She's not sitting at home waiting for millions to drop in her lap or hitting the club trying to find someone to live off of. She's not lazy, she has her own objective for her life and is constantly working towards her goals.

Lots of self-confidence – to have self-confidence you have to be sure of your abilities, remain calm under pressure, and recover gracefully. Women who are 10's aren't running around complaining or crying over spilled milk because they KNOW they have the ability and self-assurance to get the job done, so they do it. There is nothing more unattractive than an insecure woman.  A 10 is sure of what she has and knows that there will ALWAYS be someone who can do something bigger or better… but is sure in herself enough that that doesn’t matter!

So there you have it. That’s what makes a 10, in my opinion. This list of course varies for all guys depending on what type of person THEY are and what is a priority for them when looking for a mate. Many guys break it down to only the physical attributes, but I hope realistically they know… the looks will fade, so get a girl with some personality traits that will last way beyond that!

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  1. These are serious key qualities a woman must have, but I also I think a woman needs a plan of action for their life ambitions