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Who are YOU in the World?

As we have ve learned since we were young, there are those that lead and those that follow, and you get to decide which category you want to fit in as a member of society. You can be the type to jump on all the next big things just because you see everyone else doing it and change yourself and your appearance with the blow of the wind or you can set your own standard, march to your own beat and be comfortable being YOU.

With the followers, it all comes down to insecurity. The followers are so frightened for the world to see the true them that they hide behind a mask and a facade they put on for the public – like an actor on stage. Most of the time you wonder, “Do these people even know themselves?” These are the “grown women” that title themselves “Fancy”, a “Bad bish”, or “Miss Independent”. Not that it’s a bad thing to be confident in yourself, it’s more about them being the type that have to proclaim themselves through a song lyric or a celeb. All of the Nikki Minaj “Barbies” of the world and the Amber Rose wannabes that shaved off all of their hair are prime examples of others. The males that “took over” 2009 with all of their “swag” and jumped from Nike Boots to Polo Boots, Gucci to Louie (accessories of course bc many of them don’t have much else). The guys we shake our head at as they walk around spending their entire paycheck for the week in the club, the ones that have the freshest car but still live with their mother. Seriously. Priorities?

Meanwhile the leaders of the world are focused; they aren’t on Twitter all day TALKING about grinding. They’re making their mark on the world and doing it their way. They don’t have to worry about what people think about them because they don’t have enough down time to really care. And despite what trend the rest of the world is on, they are comfortable enough that they can start their own.

I just think it’s a shame that people can’t be comfortable in their own skin. I’m tired of walking through the mall and seeing everyone striving to “keep up with the Jones’”. I cringe at the chicks that have the freshest weave and new red bottom shoes dragging around their snotty nose child with the unbrushed hair. If spending all your money on a table @ the club on Friday night is “you”, then by all means… continue. But if you’re walking around flaunting money, please don’t be mad when all you attract is gold diggers. You all are one in the same. While you’re running around trying to flaunt your money and fake accessories, she’s dropping her baby off to be babysat to go to the club search to for a “baller” to pay her bills. It’s always been said that “being copied is the biggest form of flattery” -- unfortunately, there are way too many people that copy others and not in a flattering way. If you’re 25 still playing JUCO ball, I’ll be the one to crush your dreams… it’s too late! If you’re modeling lingerie all over your fb page and call yourself a “model”, sorry but you will never be the next Tyra. Strive to be something better than what EVERYONE else already is, those roles are taken.

There are 2 places in the world. Get in where you fit in... 

Leader or Follower. Who are YOU in the world?


  1. As much as I love to debate,I love reading people's opinions that are so similar to mine. I read a couple of your posts and we even wrote about many of the same topics. I look forward to reading more! Oh. And my number one pet peeve? People that get on Twitter and tell us every "move" they're making. Ummm if ur so busy makign big moves them why don't you just go do it? Talkin about "rise and grind" and it's 11am. lol

  2. Thanks LGilchrist!! :)

    Chaunece... I LOVE to debate too but it's always better to find someone who writes about the same topics as you to see their opinion on them! Thanks for the support!! I'm also following you now. I look forward to reading!! :) OOh yeah & it's 1 pm... "rise & grind" -_- LOL