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The Perfect One... For Someone Else

Ever fallen head over heels for someone and lusted over their ever word just to find out they have absolutely no interest ever having any type of serious relationship with you? Maybe you’ve played the other side and been the one to lead someone on intentionally or maybe unknowingly. No matter which side you’ve played – someone involved ends up with hurt feelings in the situation. But like I always tell my friends, “Everyone isn’t for everyone.”

You could meet the most perfect person in the world one night – the girl that watches football, cooks all your favorite foods and gets along perfectly with all of your boys or the guy that brings you flowers simply because it’s Tuesday, always wants to cuddle and listens attentively to all of your wants and needs. Sounds ideal right? Each of you all’s personalities are great… separately. This is the only thing that lies between you all ever becoming an item. Everyone has their own preferences and qualities they want in their “prototype”. This is the exact same reason why we can meet someone on campus or at a party and get to know them and find 10 things about them that just aren’t right. Then we can run into them 2 years later and see them happily in love with someone else. We wonder… “What does he see in her?” or “She’s a better one than me to put up with him than me!”

But we have to remember the things we saw as “flaws” in that person might be seamless personality traits to another. You can’t necessarily take things you didn’t like in the person and fault it on them as being not a good catch. Everyone always says “You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife”, – but that’s a MYTH, because I’ve seen plenty of girls I know that have been here, there and everywhere else and eventually suckered some man enough into being her boyfriend. It happens every day. The same way “everyone isn’t for everyone”… there is also someone for everyone, somewhere in the world.

The problem is a lot of people try to force 2 wrong puzzle pieces together or guilt themselves into sticking around.    You can’t force something for the sake of the time you all have been together or dealing with each other and it doesn’t help to use the fact that the person gives you gifts or has a charming personality as a reason to stay. If you don’t feel that connection with them you know it in your gut…so let them go be where they can be 100% fulfilled. You owe it to them and to yourself to achieve complete happiness with the right person and if you know in the long run you don’t want to make it anything serious, why lead them on? There are many elements involved in creating an ideal relationship situation. Sometimes you can meet the most perfect person ever but there’s just something about them that doesn’t fit. Whether it’s the timing, habits of the person, family or friend issues or the interaction of you two… all of those elements play into the relationship despite perfect personalities. So if you see that you have “the perfect one”, but something doesn’t feel right… maybe they are the perfect one… for someone else.

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  1. Well written! I agree 100% That is why people should take time to get to know how their "puzzle pieces" mesh before jumping into exclusivity. People become completely enamored so early with the traits that they have always thought weer their perfect match. But what's or your list may not necessarily make someone the perfect match for you. Absolutely. Kudos!